As a Freelance Graphic Designer


Les Confectionnistes is a new French online platform connecting
local sewers, embroiders, knitters and dress-makers with
users who would need their skills for customised tailoring.The process makes it easier for users to find tailoring services
around their area. It is local, made in France and cheaper than
most of tailor shops.

They needed a new visual identity to communicate their values
and promote its unique position.

The website is under construction and nearly finished.


The main value of “Les Confectionnistes” is to offer handmade,
diverse, and quality services accessible through an online
platform which helps to geographically localize qualified dressmakers.

I drew several tools used by the dress-makers to represent their
diversity. The thread around is endlessly modifiable and aims
to be always unique, as each of the dress-makers skills and
speciality that users can find on the platform.
The three crosses evoke both the sewing stitches and the map
localization. The “made in France” is conveyed by the three
national colours, although slightly adapted to a modern, online
and mostly feminine audience.