After a little accident, I couldn't use my right arm anymore for a few months. Just starting the year as a student in Leeds College of Art, I decided to try drawing with my left hand (I'm right-handed) and it appeared to be not only very difficult, but incredibly interesting. So interesting that I kept drawing with my left hand for the whole project even though my arm recovered.

The challenge of being able to use this weak hand attracted my curiosity. I took it as a new tool which works with the opposite part of my brain. My left hand muscles had not yet memorized the gestures for drawing, I have had to teach them. The clumsy new lines were traced with a new look: they revealed an unusual style I obviously could not control as easily as my right hand movements. I had to look to my subject twice more than before. Getting things wrong by experimenting with as many different techniques as possible. Learning about my abilities, challenging my talent.

The project I was working on was the French poet Antonin Artaud, whose tortured style and life seemed to fit perfectly with my unsecure lines.


Techniques I experimented while working with my left hand:

Left hand sketches: