ICS Cambodia

As a freelance Illustrator


Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS) is a Dutch development organization that invests in social entrepreneurship in African and Asian communities and in the preservation of children’s rights. They promote the  sustainable economic development and wellbeing of farming families in developing countries.

ICS needed to communicate to Cambodian farming families in a way they could understand, beyond languages and references. They asked me to illustrate their skillful parenting facilitator kit for 2 of their topics.


I worked closely with the Cambodian team of ICS to make my drawings understood by Cambodian rural people.

The challenge to visually reach someone whose codes, logic and cultural references are so far from mine is what I find one of the most interesting part of this job.

Children see, Children do: Make parents understand that their children repeat action and behaviors they witness.

The Ant and the Grasshopper: Using and transforming the wise fable The Cicada and the Ant  into Cambodian culture codes, for families to learn work organization for a long-term development.