A collection is an organized obsession.

I wanted to use the visual potential of an obsessed person's result.

I painted 177 times the same blue paint tube with its own blue paint, until the tube was empty. I wanted my object to be evolving to put an end to this obsessed drawing process.

I found this book : No rooms in the ark, written by Alan Moorehead with two flamingos on the cover page. The animal is graphically very interesting, it belongs to an exotic world and inspires poetry: so much to explore. Every page opens a new opportunity to create something on a defined space, to struggle with the text and play with the words. I became really obsessed with flamingos.

The obsession had to change, I had to stop with flamingos. I found another book and observed the cover : the publisher's logo with his name : John Baker. I pretended I had no clue about who John Baker could be, my obsession will be to figure it out. I googled "John Baker" and dedicated a double-page to the real ones I found inspiring.

I could re-introduce the term of 'collection' by elaborating a collection about my obsessions. A new one came to me : drawing every trees in my street. I linked them together in a miniature book, contrast of their huge and impressive size.